Pharrell Williams calls Kendrick Lamar “one of the greatest writers of our time’

Pharrell Williams has just released his new single Cash In Cash Out with 21 Savage and Tyler, The Creator. To discuss his new single, working with Kendrick Lamar on Mr. Morale and more Pharrell joined Apple Music’s Zane Lowe for an exclusive chat.

Zane Lowe asked P to discuss his involvement in Kendrick’s latest record that according to him is going to change the human experience. Pharrell Williams first gave a huge shoutout to his frequent collaborator Kendrick Lamar by calling him “one of the greatest writers of our time”.  He further explains his statement “He’s a great writer because he knows how to be very disciplined with a subject matter. He knows that stickiness is important and he knows that it has to feel great.”

Pharrell also talked about the studio experience with Kendrick Lamar for the song ‘Mr. Morale’ which is the 7th track on disc 2 of ‘Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers’ . “So when we were making Mr. Morale I watched it the rhythms hit him and i watched you know bubble to the surface..whatever the song was making him feel and watched him commit to that and watched him like stay disciplined to the subject matter..” Williams on his experience of recording the track Mr. Morale with Pulitzer Prize winner Kendrick.

Pharrell also praised the whole album “there’s a whole lot of conversations not only like we as a black man but just like period and even other matters just humans needed to talk about it was like nobody was saying it in cohesive way and he [Kendrick] just raised his hand and said I’ll do it”

Watch the full clip below: