The Game : “It hurt Dr. Dre didn’t call me to perform at SuperBowl Halftime”

The Game has been going on a press run lately where mostly he’s expressing his opinion on how he’s the best rapper in the world and he can out rap Eminem, talking about Dr. Dre not inviting on SuperBowl and much more.

On his recent stop at ‘I AM ATHLETE ‘ podcast, The Game has openly talked about how he felt being excluded from the SuperBowl Halftime performance that happened in Los Angeles earlier this year. “It’s a Dr. Dre SuperBowl right but it’s Jay-z..Jay-z understands the dynamics of Westcoast Hip-Hop and i don’t think Jay-Z wouldn’t have a problem if Dre would’ve said we bringing The Game in SuperBowl”

The Game noted that if SuperBowl was happening in New York or any other city their top artists would be performing at the show and 50 Cent, Eminem’s inclusion doesn’t make sense cause it was happening in L.A. After being asked by the host how he feels about being not invited, The Game finally admitted “I was hurt by that”. The Compton emcee also added “I feel like Dre should have called and said “Why” i would have understand that cause i talk to Dre often..i just know if i was Dre and he was Game he would have been up there”


Watch the full clip below: