Lil Wayne denied entry into the U.K. ahead of long waited London performance

Bad news has arrived for Lil Wayne’s fans in the U.K. as the Rap Superstar is once again kept from entering the country. Weezy was billed for ‘Strawberries and Creem’ Festival in Cambridge, London.

Organizers of the festival have issued an apology on their website saying “Due to extreme circumstances beyond our control or influence, we are very sorry to inform you that Lil Wayne is now unable to perform at the festival on Saturday 18th June. Lil Wayne has been refused entry to the UK directly by the Home Office in a last minute decision. We are deeply disappointed by this sudden and negative ruling.”

Wayne’s performance which was scheduled for June 18th will be replaced by the Rapper turned actor Ludacris. Home Office has said “: “Any individual who has been sentenced to a custodial sentence of 12 months or more must have their application refused.”

Back in 2010, Lil Wayne was sent to prison for a year in a case that was linked to his arrest in 2007 when a gun was found in his tour bus. Due to these reasons Wayne’s VISA was rejected back in 2011 and leading to his UK tour being canceled as well.

Lil Wayne’s first and only outing at U.K. has been back in 2008 when the New Orleans Rapper went for a tour in Stratford to promote his then released album ‘Carter III’ and described his experience as “It’s scary at first,but then refreshing once you get on stage and hear Weezy Weezy Weeezy”. Since then U.K. fans has been waiting for the return of the iconic Rapper