Young Thug shares Phone freestyle from Jail, hints on suicidal thoughts

Jailed Rapper Young Thug has shared some concerning thoughts from behind prison over a phone call to his nephew and YSL signee B Slime who has shared a 4-minute video clip of the call.

During their conversation, B Slime and Thug exchanged some jokes, but towards the end, Young Thug started with Thug singing as well. Towards the end of conversation, Young Thug made sure to spit some bars where he described his thoughts behind the prison.

Young Thug started rapping I’m just sitting here in my cell like damn.. I’m really in jail. God give me another chance to show i can prevail”. Thugger continued by expressing his suicidal thoughts I tried to cry but ain’t nun left. I contemplated doing myself nigga. The most suicide deaths are in this jail. But let’s not forget this ain’t hell.” 

It’s been over one month since Young Thug along with 20 other members of YSL were arrested and jailed in Fulton County for racketeering, conspiring to murder, and more charges which violate the state’s RICO act. Young Thug’s bail has been denied at the start of this month.

You can listen to the full conversation below: