Lil Uzi Vert pays tribute to XXXTentacion ,says he was my only competition

2020’s Soundcloud era icons Lil Uzi Vert and XXXTentacion might not have collided on a track but the former still has a lot of respect for the fallen Florida rapper.

Last Night during his set at Summer Smash Festival in Chicago Uzi took a moment to remember XXXTentacion as he acknowldged him as his only competition “He was my only competition.Every time he dropped i dropped. He will go number one or i will go number one” said Uzi talking to his fans. He then asked his DJ to play XXXTentacion’s music who followed it up with playing XXXtentacion’s breakout hit ‘Look At Me!”

Few Months ago while answering fans question in a livestream Lil Uzi Vert explained why he never collaborated with  XXXTentacion revealing that XXXtentacion called him from prison and rapped a verse for him:

“He called me one time when he was incarcerated a long time ago. I was going on stage, I was on tour with The Weeknd and he actually rapped a song for me that he never laid and it was actually really good,”

Watch Lil Uzi giving shoutout and tribute to XXXTentacion below