Chris Brown denies being better than Michael Jackson

Chris Brown has finally responded to the recent comments claiming that he’s better than late Pop icon Michael Jackson. A few months ago Pivot Podcast’s Ryan Clark went viral on Twitter for claiming that Chris is more talented than Michael. In May, New York drill rapper Fivio Foreign implied that Chris Brown is closest to Michael from this generation.



In the latest chat with Big Boy, Chris has finally expressed his own views on if he’s better than Michael Jackson. “That’s cap,” says Chris immediately after being confronted by Big Boy.

Chris continued explaining how he has no interest in these sorts of conversations “I stay the hell out of it. Like i kinda back off it.I wouldn’t be breathing or even been able to sing a song if that man didn’t exist..He’s light years ahead way ahead ..there is no competing with him”

It’s not the first time the comparisons with MJ have erupted for R&B hitmaker Chris Brown, since the beginning of his career he has been crowned as Prince Of Pop and a true successor to Jackson. Chris weighs on this saying that “People wanna compare me…but it’s a generational gap. I’m thankful in any regard I’m just gonna keep shaking my leg till i can”.

Chris is gearing up for the release of his album named after his nickname ‘Breezy’ which is scheduled to arrive this Friday. He also talked about the upcoming tour with Atlanta Rapper Lil Baby, saying Free Slime and more.


Watch The full interview below: