Snoop Dogg’s awkward reaction goes viral after fan proposes to girlfriend during meet & greet

Love is in the air at Snoop Dogg’s meet-and-greet event.

The unintentionally humorous event occurred during a meet-and-greet that began with the male fan and his girlfriend merely posing for a photo with the California rapper.

Snoop seemed both confused and surprised as the fan unexpectedly dropped on one knee in front of him and popped the question to his now-fiancée.

“Will you make me the best man in the world next to Snoop?” the man asked his girlfriend.

“Oh, sh*t. Hell yes!” she replied.

Even though it took Snoop a while, he finally muttered “Wow,” as he glanced at both of them.

The moment was made even more awkward when both turned to hug Snoop first, rather than each other, resulting in a group hug.

The video,  which has now gone viral with over 700K views, was shared on TikTok by @ianvaughn0.

Fans had a lot of fun reacting to the proposal. One user joked: “He was proposing to Dog. She ruined it.” Another added, “The way they both hugged Snoop instead of each other after she said yes.”

See the clip below:

@ianvaughn0 Guy proposes to his girl during his Meet and Greet with @snoopdogg ♬ original sound – Ian Vaughn

fan-proposes-to-finacee-in-front-of-snoop-dogg-at-meet-and-greet-viral-1 fan-proposes-to-finacee-in-front-of-snoop-dogg-at-meet-and-greet-viral fan-proposes-to-finacee-in-front-of-snoop-dogg-at-meet-and-greet fan-proposes-to-finacee-in-front-of-snoop-dogg-at-meet-and-greet-1

Snoop and his wife Shante Broadus recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. The couple went to Bora Bora to celebrate their love. The West Coast Icon shared a photo from the trip with a caption:

“Here’s to u and my babies”


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