Logic admits Joe Budden’s ‘Worst Rapper’ comment led him to retirement

Logic released his album ‘Vinyl Days’ last Friday for which the Maryland emcee has done an interview with Rory & Mal where he discussed his retirement that he announced back in 2020 and now finally making a comeback.

In 2019 Joe Budden called Logic “Worst Rapper to grace the mic” a comment which hurt Maryland Rapper so much that the following year he announced his upcoming album titled “No Pressure” will be his final one.

Logic recalls the moment when he first came to know of Budden’s comments with the hosts Rory and Mal who were sitting beside Joe when he made the comment “Joe Budden said Logic is the worst rapper to grace the microphone in the history of hip-hop..those words came out of his mouth. I read this and my heart rate explodes and I’m like oh my god..i go out and i’m at the (Madison Square) garden whatever and everyone’s rapping my lyrics and i feel like.. i’m a failure

It was the height of me caring about what other people say..bearing deep into my heart and affecting my everyday life and after that, i was like i can’t do this anymore,” said Logic about his decision of taking retirement from music which he calls “it was retirement from all the bullshit”

Logic’s latest studio album ‘Vinyl Days’ includes 30 tracks and has guest appearances from DJ Premier, The Game,Russ, Wiz Khalifa, Royce da 5’9, and more.