Kanye West honored Diddy and presents him Lifetime Achievement Award At BET Awards

Diddy was chosen for Lifetime Achievement Awards at this year’s BET Awards, presenting him the prestigious award was none other than Kanye West who appeared in a special appearance on stage.

Kanye stun the audience as he appeared wearing a full face mask and glasses honored Puff by saying “How do we crown our kings? How do we appreciate our kings? To think of how far we can just make it off an inspiration. To hear somebody chop the sample in” Ye said explaining Diddy influencing him as a producer as he continued remembering his young days idolizing Diddy and buying his mixtapes.

“I was signed to Puff without him knowing,” said Ye while encountering Diddy in real life while shooting his ‘Missing You’ video. “This is my favorite artist .favorite artist everything not specifically production just the drip. Back then there were so many rules and he broke all of them”.

Kanye claimed he still goes to Diddy for advice and jokingly said he inspired so many of my life choices and my wife’s choices”. After Ye’s heartfelt speech Diddy came out in joy to receive the award and thanked his brother, actor Bobby Brown and more.

Watch the full video below: