Lil Durk explains backstory to Drake collab, Says he’d make another album with Lil Baby

Lil Durk takes Ebro Darden behind the scenes before his Apple Music Live show. With seven solo albums, twelve mixtapes, four compilations, and “The Voice of the Heroes,” a collaborative album with Lil Baby, the Chicago rapper has left an indelible mark on hip-hop.

During a 14-minute interview, the 29-year-old MC highlighted one of his career’s pivotal moments.

Durk began by discussing his upcoming Apple Music live performance.

“Feeling good. Energy is good. I am excited, I ain’t gonna lie. That stage setup is so crazy, I can not wait to just touch them up to get the energy” he said. “I feel that anything you put your name on, you should put your all into. My fans are special because they made me who I am. I relate to them, and I got day-one fans that know my whole story. So, it’s like your real-life family. Trying to give something they never had before.”

Durkio also explained how his “Laugh Now, Cry Later” collaboration with Drake happened.

“He just DMed me one day during COVID, like, ‘Man, ohh, the album. […] So I am like, ‘Yeah, it is cool. Let’s do it,” he said. “Then he [Drake] sent me snippets of songs. He said, ‘This how it is going to go. I am putting it together, give me ten minutes.’ I gave him like eight bars. Sent it back to him. The studio closed. We left. He was like, ‘I need more of this, bro. I need more.’ I am like, ‘It’s over. It’s over like, the studio closed.’ So, I guess he just liked the eight bars. ‘Man, you can keep it like this.’ And we dropped that sh*t. Matter of fact, when we were shooting the video, I was like, ‘Damn, this is it. Like, It is over.”

Following the story about Drizzy, Lil Durk talked about working with Lil Baby on the collaborative album “The Voice of the Heroes.”

“We were vibing so crazy in the studio, we had to,” he recalled, describing the atmosphere in the studio with Lil Baby. “We were just in that zone. He who he is, he turned up and actually can rap, you know what I’m saying. He ended up rapping his ass off, I am changing my energy. Matter of fact, we both made each other start writing too. He would come to say some sh*t, and I was like, ‘Hold on.’ I would say some sh*t, he would be, ‘Hold on.’ So, that is like the energy you would want. You would want that energy. We got so many records that we ain’t put on there.”

The Chicago rapper also revealed that several tracks were cut off the album and that he’s open to doing another album with Baby.

Watch the interview below: