Video : Chief Keef almost blew up his crib & cars during Independence Day celebration

A viral video of Drill pioneer Chief Keef is now making rounds on the Internet where the 25-year-old rapper is seen celebrating the Fourth Of July i.e. U.S. Independence day.

During the celebration, the fireworks took an unexpected turn and went uncontrollable towards the nearby crib. As a reaction to the dangerous situation, Chief Keef could be seen hiding behind the parked luxurious car with his friends. But the fire suddenly came towards them over the car.

Fans can be relieved as so far there’s no news of Keef or anyone’s being hurt due to the incident. The 30-second clip was shared by Chief Keef’s protege and the first signee of his new label ’43B (Forget Everybody) , Lil Gnar with the caption “Sosa almost blew da crib up”. You can watch the video below: