Rihanna is now the Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Woman in America

R&B sensation and now Enterpepneur Rihanna has now achieved a new milestone in her career as her net worth has touched the $1.4 Billion mark on Forbes annual list thanks to her multiple business ventures.

SavageXFenty owner Rihanna who’s 34 years old is now the youngest self-made billionaire woman on the Forbes list where Rihanna ended up at #21 in the overall rankings. After her, the second Youngest self-made Billionaire is entrepreneur and reality tv star Kim Kardashian age 41 whose overall ranking is at #16 with $1.8 Billion.

On her, Forbes profile it’s noted that most of the icon’s net worth is thanks to the success of the cosmetic line Fenty Beauty. She also has a 30% stake in the Savage x Fenty lingerie line, which raised money at a $1 billion valuation in February 2021.

Last year in an interview with The New York Times Rihanna spoke about her lingerie line reaching a Billion mark “It’s tricky because it’s hard to even accept that’s where you’re at because I know where I’ve come from. At the same time, it feels good to be able to inspire young women and boys, who like me, come from humble beginnings, who come from parents who are immigrants or who are immigrants themselves, to be able to do this.”