Drake reacts to Jeff Bezos commenting his song’s lyrics

Yesterday ‘Artist Of The Decade’ Drake shared a picture of his and Amazon’s founder and former CEO Jeff Bezo on his Instagram with the caption ‘Gotta Start Somewhere.

Drake put his own pic from circa 2009 in the studio and Bezos’ pic from his early days working at the Amazon office, to reflect on the humble beginning of the two of them.

In response to the post 58-year-old Multi-Billionaire quoted popular lyrics from Drake’s 2013 hit song ‘Started From The Bottom’, Jeff wrote in the comment section ‘Started From the bottom now we’re here”.

Overwhelmed by Bezos’ comment Drake replied “holyyy Jeff knows about the man dem nobody can chat to me today!!! Big Bezos in the comments”.

Just last year the two linked for an investment of nearly $80 million in Sports media Company, Overtime. According to the reports, Overtime used a portion of the investment from Drake and Bezos to support salaries of players and staff, aid league start-up costs, invest in the NFT sector, and enhance its app.