Ice Cube explains why Lil Wayne is the Best Rapper Of All Time

Westcoast legend Ice Cube linked up with the ‘On The Guest List’ podcast where he was asked to name the Best Rapper besides himself. NWA member straight away took Lil Wayne’s name saying that “It’s hard to beat Lil Wayne”

Ice Cube further explains why the Young Money Rapper who has a song titled “Best Rapper Alive” desrves the title; “His metaphors are you know otherwordly. He’s an amazing talent as far as lyrics, can make hits..has been copied. All these dudes are nothing but clones of Lil Wayne at the end of the day. So besides myself ofcourse yeah”

Ice Cube was next asked to name any Westcoast rapper who has got his ears currently, Cube replied with he doesn’t care enough about the current west coast rap scene saying that everybody is using too much autotune now also he’s now busy with his family.

Ice Cube recently teamed up with other Westcoast icons Snoop Dogg, Too $hort, and E-40 to release an album titled ‘Bad Mfs under their newly formed supergroup named ‘Mt. Westmore’. Bad Mfs is currently available as an NFT in Metaverse via Gala Music and in this interview, Cube promised that the album will be soon available in the universe meaning all streaming services.

Watch the full interview below: