Chris Brown reveals his picks for Rap Mount Rushmore

With the release of his latest studio album, ‘Breezy’ Superstar singer Chris Brown is on a promo run in support of the album. On his recent sit-down with Power 106 hosts, Chris discussed the album, revealed his choice for Rap Mount Rushmore, lwhat he earned from Beyonce, and much more.

One of the fan’s questions arrived asking the 33-year-old hitmaker to name down his Mount Rushmore Of HipHop i.e.e picks for the top four rappers who deserved to be at the top. Brown’s first pick was Jay-Z then Nas, Big L, and Tupac.

After being provoked by hosts Chris immediately took down his ‘Die Young’ collaborator Nas saying that “I love Nas’ and replaced it with fallen New York Rapper Notorious B.I.G. He also gave a shoutout to another NY legend Rakim saying that he deserves to be there too.

At the start of this year, Spotify’s Rapcaviar made the Mount Rushmore discussion popular with their picks of the 2010s which included Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Nicki Minaj

Later in the interview, Chris Brown also gave shout to Busta Rhymes for his mind-blowing verse on his hit song ‘Look At Me Now’ and called Andre 3000’s verse as hardest on his track Deuces remix which also featured Drake, Rick Ross, Kanye West and T.I. Watch the full interview below: