Westside Boogie claims Eminem competes with him & says he wants to “take all of Eminem’s fans”

Raquel Harper’s “It’s Tricky” podcast recently featured Westside Boogie. During the interview, the Compton rapper discussed his new project “More Black Superheroes,” being signed to Shady Records, and other topics.

Boogie was signed to Eminem’s label Shady Records in 2017. Since then, Boogie and Slim Shady have maintained a close friendship. The 32-year-old rapper often notes how he frequently has the opportunity to chat with the Detroit icon and even seek guidance from him on a range of things.


During a chat with Raquel Harper, Boogie revealed the best advice he has received from Marshall regarding the live performance.

“Performance-wise, he told me to stop stage diving because I could get sued,” said Boogie. “He told me to stop stage-diving because he does not like how I be jumping in the crowd. ‘Cause he said I could get sued and how he got into a fight for doing that.”  

Even though Boogie acknowledges this to be valuable advice, the 32-year-old rapper says that his love for stage-diving is too strong.

“But I just like jumping into the crowd. It is my thing, you know what I’m saying? So I do not know if that is necessarily good advice but that is the advice he gave me.”

Boogie also talked about how Eminem discovered him and how he ended up signing with Shady Records.

“I don’t know how it happened. Eminem heard my music from Pau Rosenberg and then I got called. They were like ‘Oh, Eminem wanna check you out’ and he flew me to Detroit the next day,” he explained. “All I could say, I could blame it on me staying consistent and believing in myself but it was like, I don’t know how it happened.”

In the interview, the “STUCK” rapper also discussed his relationship with Marshall.

“He talks to me when he needs to talk to me. He respects my process ’cause I do not want him coming in, giving me beats. I wanna be able to create the album I wanna create. So, when it’s time to play it for him, he comes to listen. He gives me good attention. [….] He got the same joke, ‘Oh this sh*t’s trash’ and then after thirty seconds he’s like ‘Nah, this is amazing.’ He always gives me real, honest opinions and tells me what he connects to the songs.”

The Compton rapper also addressed Eminem’s competitive mentality as well as his most memorable encounters with the Rap God.

“You know what’s dope, when I first met him, the songs he told me he liked was my deep-cuts, It wasn’t the ones that went viral so it let me know he was really listening to the songs. But, he’s also an artist and I feel like he competes with me all the time. I feel like he wants to be a better rapper than me still. So, I think that’s dope too that he still competes, and wants to be the best rapper.”
“The most fun time I have ever had with Eminem was either the Super Bowl rehearsal because we were just vibing all day, or when he brought me out in Australia in front of 80,000 people. It’s really when he helps me musically or out video shoots, those are the best times. I just want to take all of his fans. So, shout out to Eminem for opening that space for me to take his fans.”

Check out the full interview below: