T-Pain says Tupac wouldn’t survive in current era and would be ate lyrically by today’s Rappers

Westcoast Rap’s icon and flagbearer Tupac is still considered one of the most influential Rappers to touch the mic. From his music to movies 2Pac also known as Makaveli left an undying legacy after being shot dead at the age of 25. Earlier today one of the most polarizing takes on the legendary Rapper is going viral on social media.

T-Pain who linked up with DJ Akademiks has made a bold claim that Tupac wouldn’t survive in today’s Rap scene. Pac would have got killed sooner and he would have got his a– ate the f*ck up lyrically, claimed T-Pain reacting to the hypothetical scenario of what if Twitter and Instagram were popping in Tupac’s era while he was beefing with East Coast Rappers like Biggie, Nas and Mobb Deep.

T-Pain further explained his own statement by telling Akademiks”Pac was crazy lyricist in our time cause ain’t nobody had a platform. So far a short clip of this conversation has been published but the reactions to these claims by T-Pain have erupted on social media.


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One counterpoint states that Pac ushered in the most lyrical era ever i.e. 90s rap and it would have been much worse for Rappers if Pac was still alive and kicking. Another one claims that Pac still had a lot of substance in his music and people still listening to him to this day is proof that he would have been nice even in today’s era. Check out more reactions below and let us know your thoughts on T-Pain’s claim