Joe Budden says Jay-Z wanted $250K to remix ‘Pump It Up’

JAY-Z recently is going viral on news as in a recent chat with Kevin Hart he revealed he doesn’t charge anything for appearing on guest features. As it is known that Joe Budden’s biggest hit ‘Pump It Up’ was about to get a big boost with a remix from none other Jay-Z himself.

Joe Budden recalls the moment on his latest appearance on the QuietRoom podcast revealing how much Hov wanted to charge for appearing on his track.

The hosts asked Budden why Jay charged him the huge amount to which Joe replied “I don’t think it was a big number i think that was his number..” explained Joe saying that he wasn’t aware of the conversation between the producer of the song Just Blaze and Jay-Z “I thought it would get done, i didn’t know anything about the business

Budden ended up without the verse as it was too much for the Rapper’s budget for the self-titled debut album. A year later Jay-Z would end up freestyling on the track taking subliminal shots at Joe Budden. Joe also reflected on Jay-Z’s freestyle saying “Love it ..he went crazy on that”.