Pete Davidson explains why he had to listen to “The Eminem Show” in secret

The second season of Kevin Hart’s talk show “Hart To Heart” premiered on July 14. The first episode featured the famous Saturday Night Live star, Pete Davidson.

During his chat with Kevin, Pete Davidson exposed his authentic and honest self. The former SNL cast member discussed his mental health, future plans with a potential wife and children, and other topics.

At one point throughout the interview, Pete disclosed a childhood secret he kept from his mother. It turns out that the 28-year-old comedian was not allowed to listen to Eminem when he was younger. Regardless, Pete said that the first album he ever bought was “The Eminem Show.”

“I have a secret for my mom,” said Pete. “So the first record I ever bought was ‘The Eminem Show,’ I was like nine, it was sick right, a lot of cursing, I loved it! But my mom was like, ‘You’re too young for this, when you’re like twelve or whatever we will talk about it.”

Mom’s warnings, however, didn’t stop Pete from listening to Slim Shady. He described a method he had to avoid getting caught while listening to The Detroit icon. The Staten Island native explained that his mother was a big Rod Stewart fan, so he printed out a Rod Stewart poster to stick on top of “The Eminem Show.”

“My mom loved Rod Stewart, so, what I did was, I made like a print of a Rod Stewart cover and I pasted it on top of ‘The Eminem Show.’ So, when my mom was like, ‘What are you listening to?’ I’d be like [show her the Rod Stewart cover] and she just must have thought I was just like a huge Rod Stewart fan. I’ve never heard one Rod Stewart song [he laughs]”

Pete also talked about his SNL parodies of Eminem.

“I heard he[Eminem] liked them and I was like, ‘Oh, I’d like to say thank you!’ And then they set up a call and I got to talk to him for like two minutes. I was freaking out,” he said.

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