Mase denies Fivio Foreign’s claims of signing him for $5K

Rapper turned minister Mase was trending last week when the drill Rapper Fivio Foreign came forward and revealed that he’s still in a contract with former Bad Boy Records Rapper who gave him an advance of $5K after hearing his song “Blixky In a Box” with Jay Dee and Dee Sav. Mase later joked in a clip as a response and called himself ‘Diddy 2.0’.

That’s all he gave me. I signed for $5,000.I thought that shit gonna last until whenever it was going to last. It didn’t last for two weeks” Fivio told Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcasts hosts Wallo and Gillie Da King.


Now on the same podcast, Mase has appeared and told his side of the story. “I gave him $750 thousand said Mase when asked if he really gave Fivio Foreign $5K. he further explained “I gave him $5K once because I wanted to set a deal where I could control and make the deal as it should be. Cause I know if he had the leverage he could go and sell both of us out”

Mase didn’t stop there as he went on to claim that Fivio’s rapping style now as compared to before is cause of him. Watch the full footage below: