Doja Cat insults her followers & accuses Twitter of limiting her freedom of speech

Doja Cat is going off on Twitter. After numerous heated debates on the site, the 26-year-old performer made his statement Tuesday night.

Doja and her followers got into a dispute when the Grammy-winning artist tweeted that she was dissatisfied with people’s general ignorance.

Though it’s unknown what triggered the feeling, the message sparked outrage among several followers, who accused the “Planet Her” singer of being arrogant and disrespectful.

“Honestly her music is good it’s just her I don’t like,” one user replied. “So you come on here to insult everyone? Doesn’t that include you in that statement? You are not above anyone. What are you doing about it? Nothing! Just running your Twitter fingers for a reaction. I hope it’s what you were looking for.”

Doja was annoyed by the comments and told one of the users to “shut the f*ck up.”

Doja didn’t stop there. she responded to a few other fans, telling them to shut up and calling them “nerds” and “b*tch.”

Doja Cat not only lost followers after a few more heated exchanges but also posted a screenshot showing she was no longer allowed to reply to tweets.

A picture of her draft folder revealed multiple tweets with a “failed to send” notification. The photo also showed Doja’s tweets that were restricted. One read, “find a new hobby you f**** ghoul,” another followed, “you’re obsessed with me you f**** dog, find another hobby.”

Doja has faced a lot of controversies this year including her latest DM conflict with Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp. She was also accused of socializing with white nationalists. In an Instagram Live broadcast defending her friends, she denied the latter allegations.