Nicki Minaj promotes upcoming song with steamy videos

Nicki Minaj’s new single “Super Freaky Girl” drops on August 12 and the fans couldn’t be more excited. #SuperFreakyGirl has been trending on Twitter ever since the release of the cover art.


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The 39-year-old artist dedicated a series of Instagram posts to the upcoming project, showing fiery images of herself in a long pink wig.

Nicki also posted two steamy videos of herself, one of which shows her twerking on a couch while dressed in black biker shorts and a pink jacket.

The second clip shows Pink Barbie posing for a small video while lying on the same couch in a tight pink bodysuit.

Earlier this week, the ten-time Grammy nominee addressed claims that surfaced after an Instagram account posing as Nicki’s former assistant made comments about her financial situation, hair stylist, and even her son.

The “Anaconda” rapper went live on Instagram to address the rumors, saying:

“Every day I learn that y’all are getting dumber and dumber,” Nicki said before denying the claims. “I am mind-blown that people are this f-ing dumb, that they are believing that I got somebody that worked for me and now they are spilling tea. […] It is not even that, it is that the tea sounds so f-ing dumb and for a person to believe it, you would have to be dumb,” she added.

Before the release of the new song on Aug. 12, Nicki will bless her fans with the new episode of “Queen Radio” on August 11.