Westside Boogie says he’s ready to take on The Game if Eminem asks

The Game has heated up the drama against Eminem with a newly released diss track titled ‘The Black Slim Shady’ from his latest album ‘DRILLMATIC’ released earlier today which includes some personal shots at the Detroit-based Rap icon.

A couple of days the Shady Records member from Compton, Westside Boogie appeared for an interview with The Cruz Show where he was asked his opinion on The Game beefing with Eminem. “I’m always conflicting on that cause I’m from Compton.Before i was signed to Eminem, The Game gave me a video feature ( on the music video titled ‘Roped Off)), amazing look i need at that time. But I’m also signed to Eminem changed..it changed my life. They’re in my corner. One of the greatest Rappers of all time”

He later himself added that if Eminem asked him to be on a song with him to go at The Game “I’m pretty sure my loyalty is going to reside with him” added Boogie who later joked that hosts are setting up him for clickbait.

However, Boogie has already taken subliminal shots at The Game on a freestyle released last year as he raps “know I’m rapping circles round the legends in my same city / keep it confidential tell that n***a don’t play games with me.”

Since April of this year, The Game has been on various interviews and social media challenging Shady Records boss for a one-on-one rap battle. Eminem on the other hand hasn’t responded yet to the former Aftermath rapper in any form whatsoever.