Kid Cudi on whether he will be friends with Kanye West again : “I’m Not Drake”

Esquire Magazine has recruited the rapper/singer Kid Cudi for their latest issue where they also had a full-length interview with the ‘Enterglactaic’ artist. One of the burning topics of this year is Ye and Cudi’s relationship turning sour after the latter’s friendship with Pete Davidson and it doesn’t seem to be back on track Cudi made it clear in this interview.

“I’m at a place in my life where I have zero tolerance for the wrong energies. I’ve watched so many people throughout the years that are close to him ( Kanye) be burned by him doing some f–ked-up shit. And then they turn around and forgive him. And there’s no repercussions. You’re back cool with this man. He does it over and over. said Cudi on Kanye falling out with various people adding that “I’m not one of your kids. I’m not Kim. It don’t matter if I’m friends with Pete or not friends with Pete. None of this sh–t had anything to do with me. If you can’t be a grown man and deal with the fact that you lost your woman? That’s not my f–ing problem. You need to own up to your shit like every man in this life has”

Cudi also mentioned Drake who reconciled with Kanye last December when both superstars performed at Free Larry Hoover Concert despite beefing for almost 3 years. With all due respect, I’m not Drake, who’s about to take a picture with him next week and be friends again, and their beef is squashed. That’s not me. What I say, I mean. I will be done with you. It’s gonna take a motherf–ing miracle for me and that man to be friends again. I don’t see it happening. He gon’ have to become a monk. says Cudi.

Just recently Ye took a dig at Cudi after the news of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s breakup as he published a mockup of The New York Times newspaper with the main headline declaring Pete’s Death and a subheadline being “Kid Cudi meant to play funeral but fearful of bottle throwers”