Wack 100 explains why NBA YoungBoy feature was removed from The Game’s album ‘DRILLMATIC’

The Game has to face another setback cause of his latest released album ‘DRILLMATIC’ getting another track removed. Few days ago Westcoast Rapper’s manager Wack 100 came forward with the news that despite being on the tracklist ,Nipsey Hussle feature titled ‘World Tours’ was removed from the album by late Rapper’s brother Blacc Sam but later it was reported that The Game never got clearance from the feature by Nip’s label Atlantic Records.

Now another song from the album ‘O.P.P’ featuring fame Rapper NBA YoungBoy has been taken from the album as well. Few hours ago Wack 100 addressed the issue on Clubhouse where he revealed the reason behind the removal of the song ‘O.P.P’.

“Nothing against NBA YoungBoy he didn’t disrespect us or violate us. Bro cut his rate at ($300 per verse) in half because it was me and Game but when i looked at the overall budget it was going to cut in the back..So i have to make an executive decision” tells Wack 100 being hopeful that the song will be up soon.

Wack 100 also revealed that ‘DRILLMATIC’ was going to be of 20 songs but another 10 songs were later added ,6 of those included samples , main reason why the budget went overboard for NBA YoungBoy’s verse worth $150K.

As of now ,The Game’s album is looking to debut with 20K units on the Billboard Charts and it’s daily streams are also not enough to make enough revenue. Listen to Wack 100’s full conversation below: