Kendrick Lamar says he doesn’t want to be called “Greatest” anymore

Kendrick Lamar’s latest era has delivered the fans with everything including the music they expect from Compton’s laurel lyricist, visuals, and ongoing tour ‘The Big Steppers, only thing lacking was a full-length interview that Kendrick has always provided during his every album’s releases. Today an exclusive interview has been published by Citizine magazine for which Lamar has covered their latest issue as well.

The whole interview and photoshoot were done during the release of Kendrick’s latest album ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’ when the star Rapper was on his visit to Accra, Ghana.

In the interview, Lamar opened up about tackling social media and fame, ” I don’t really know how to use it like that to be 100% real with you. I got friends, family, my team, they send me things, so I got good sentiments on what’s going on.”

The most essential quote Kendrick Lamar gave in the interview is how he doesn’t want to put the “Greatest” title on himself anymore and wants to do more for the listeners. “Now, I’m dropping the ego a bit. I want to take ‘the greatest’ off of it. I want to give people something they can hold onto. So whether it touches 100 million people or inspires one, I want to be that person.”

Kendrick’s above sentiments can be felt in his latest album’s deep cut ‘Savior’ where the 35-year-old emcee raps “Kendrick made you think about it but he’s not your savior”.