Eminem and Drake pays tribute to late Battle Rapper Pat Stay

Canadian-based acclaimed Battle Rapper was identified as the victim of a fatal stabbing on Sunday morning in Halifax. As Battle Rap lovers mourn the death of the 36-year-old emcee, two of the biggest hip-hop stars Eminem and Drake have joined in to pay tribute to Pat Stay. First, take a look at who was Pat Stay.

Who Was Pat Stay 

A battle Rapper from Dartmouth, Novia Scotia who gained notoriety in battle rap league ‘The Elements League’ and was by far the most viewed rapper in the league. In 2009 Pat Stay made his ‘King Of The Dot’ debut against Bartone and became one of the Top battlers. In 2010, he agreed to a matchup against his childhood friend Hollohan at World Domination 1. This battle is widely regarded as one of the best-recorded battles ever and was ranked by KOTD’s founder Organik as the best battle to ever occur in the league at the time.

By 2013 he was regarded as the best battler in the Canadian circuit. As KOTD champion he was the only champ to defend his title 3 times against the likes of Dizaster, Daylyt, and Charron. In late 2015 he was part of the most anticipated matchup in Battle Rap history against Hollow Da Don. He has also made an appearance in the Eminem-produced movie ‘Bodied’ which was loosely based on Battle Rap.

A well-known former battle Rapper himself Detroit legend Eminem has taken to his Twitter to pay homage to Pat Stay saying “hiphop lost one of the best battlers of all time RIP Pat Stay. Kings Never Die’. Notably, a couple of days ago Pat released a diss track titled ‘The Warmup’ against The Game and interpolated Eminem’s song ‘Stan’

Another star Rapper Drake has also paid homage to his country’s fallen Rapper on his Instagram where he wrote “RIP to the sucka free boss Pat Stay. one of my fav Rappers ever”