Drake and Youtuber Anthony Fantano beef Explained

Drake has been involved in major rap beef over the years with the likes of Meek Mill, Pusha-T, and Kanye West. But today Toronto’s Superstars has sent shots at a music critic and famous Youtuber Anthony Fantony also known as The Needle Drop.

A few hours ago Fantano uploaded a video on his channel titled ‘Drake Slid Into My DMs’ where he shared a screenshot of Instagram messages from Drake who first acknowledge that Fantano hasn’t given good reviews to his music and hopes that he will like his next album.

In the next message, Drake appears to send a long vegan cookie recipe. Anyone who follows Anthony Fantano may know that this can be another troll from the self-proclaimed busiest nerd on the Internet.

After a few hours of the video being uploaded Drake took to his Instagram story and shared the text, he sent Anthony Fantano where he throws shades at Youtube in his own way of reviewing music “Your existence is a light 1 and 1 is cause you’re alive’ wrote Drake.  Drizzy didn’t stop there as he sent another text saying that cause Fantano wifed a black girl he will give his existence a light to decent 1.

In response to Drake calling him out in his DMs, Anthony Fantano responded to him on Twitter saying “That b**** shared the salty a*** DM to over 100 million people. ” with laughing emojis. Check out Fantano’s tweets aimed at Drake below: