Video Surfaces Online Of Lil Pump Receiving Oral Sex From Various Women

Lil Pump has taken the internet by storm but not because of his musical talent.

The Florida artist has gained a lot of attention from working with big musicians like Kanye West to being arrested on weapon charges. While Pump hasn’t been in much controversy lately, this recent scandal has everyone talking about the rapper.

The 22-year-old musician is trending on Twitter after recordings of him getting oral sex from various women surfaced online. Pump was spotted in a variety of scenarios, including the restroom of a private plane, a couch in his living room, and his bed. Many people on the internet are ridiculing Lil Pump, accusing him of posting the videos himself in an attempt to go viral.

One user on twitter wrote, “Lil Pump making po*nos now?? he’s hit rock bottom.”

Another, more viral tweet reads, “lil pump fell off so hard that he’s making po*n videos now LMFAOOOOO”

Lil Pump has failed to recapture the heights of his breakout year after the release of his hit single “Gucci Gang” in 2017. “Harverd Dropout”, the young rapper’s second album, failed to replicate the success of his self-titled debut album.

Check out some of twitter’s best reactions below: