Kanye West Says ‘Black Lives Matter’ Was A “Scam”

Kanye West has been making headlines all day for wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt at the YZY Season 9 Presentation at Paris Fashion Week.


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During his opening comments on Monday, Ye discussed a range of subjects, including how some media outlets fixated on the late start times of his previous events, despite the fact that such delays were simply a byproduct of attempting to “present the best idea.”

As for the WLM (White Lives Matter) T-Shirt, The slogan is typically connected with different far-right philosophies and is widely used, along with “All Lives Matter,”  among enthusiastic Donald Trump supporters.

Following the presentation of YZY Season 9, Ye did a post-show interview in which he revealed that he had to “fight tooth and nail” to become independent. “You can not lean on these big companies to take care of your vision,” he said, explaining that he still feels “at war.”

Many people on the internet were outraged to see Kanye wear such a controversial t-shirt. Numerous media sources, as well as many fans, began to criticize Ye for wearing a shirt.

Kanye responded to the criticism on Instagram only a few minutes ago. However, his statement will spark even greater outrage in the media since he branded the “Black Lives Matter” campaign as a “Scam.”

Ye wrote in his Instagram story.

“Everyone knows that black lives matter was a scam. Now it’s over. You’re welcome.”

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