Watch : Cardi B teases “Munch remix” with Ice spice on Instagram

Viral Rapper Ice Spice has got a big co-sign today as her own city’s Rap Star Cardi B has shared a video clip on her Instagram which showcases the Bodak Yellow hitmaker Rapping on Ice Spice’s song ‘Munch’.

“Munch (Feelin’ U)” is the breakout single by Bronx rapper Ice Spice. Released in August 2022, the track went viral shortly thereafter due to its quotable chorus: “You thought I was feelin’ you?That ni**a a munch”

“I was just like, how can I describe a desperate man that wants to eat it all the time? And I was just like, munch. He’s a munch.” Ice Spice explained the meaning behind her song which has garnered nearly 15 Million streams on Spotify.

Cardi B has previously invited Ice Spice to her section at her Fashion Night Out in New York and took a picture with the 22-year-old Rapper.

Cardi’s shared reel ( watch below) with the caption ” BITCHES IS DEAD TO ME THEN,AND THEY DEAD TO ME STILL!!!” on Instagram has racked up almost 3.5 Million views as of the time article is written. It’s no doubt that when the ‘WAP’ hitmaker who has Two Diamond singles to her name decides to release the remix on streaming it will be a massive hit.