Akon reveals multiple unreleased songs produced by Eminem

One of the hitmaking machines of the 2000s Akon joined Bootleg Kev for an exclusive where the star singer talked about his smash collaboration ‘Smack That’ and some unreleased songs we might have never heard with Rap icon Eminem.

Akon first tells about his visit to Detroit for collaborating with Eminem “When i went to visit him in Detroit he was like so what you wanna do? I say i want to do whatever you want to do, i want to come into your world because if i bring you to my world it won’t be no different from what’s out there”

Akon reveals after the above conversation with Eminem, he offered him thirty tracks produced by himself, “Out of the thirty i picked five. I recorded all five but the one that stood out Smack That” said Akon who also added he still has those four songs produced by Eminem.

Akon has previously expressed how working with Eminem made him look at the business differently cause he was the first artist that I’ve worked with that actually treated the business like a real job.”

Watch the full chat below: