Lil Baby explains why he dissed Akademiks on his new album

Lil Baby’s highly anticipated album ‘It’s Only Me’ is finally released this Friday where the QC Rapper delivered 23 tracks along with 7 features. Baby who’s barely known to name-drop someone has taken aim at a media personality not once but twice on his latest LP.

It’s none other than DJ Akademiks who has found himself being name-dropped in two tracks ‘Top Priority’ and ‘From Now On’ featuring Future.

On Top Priority , Lil Baby Raps ‘All cap aside, who really turnt as us? /Akademiks, n—- think they can’t get touched”

Whereas in ‘From Now On’ he mentions Akademiks “Akademiks know he ain’t as rich as me”.



Akademiks Reaction

Akademiks addressed this issue in DJ Vlad’s interview just a couple of months ago recalling that Lil Baby has blocked him on social media due to a misunderstanding. After the album’s release, DJ Akademiks tweeted out his reaction saying “Lil Baby dissed me instead of Fani Willis (DA of fulton county) and his real opps.. What is Rap music….”

Lil Baby’s Explanation

On his latest appearance on Breakfast Club, Lil Baby was asked by Charlamagne Tha God and team why he called out DJ Akademiks on not one but two tracks off his album.  Baby accused Akademiks of repeatedly saying he’s richer than Lil Baby in interviews I see another interview where he like Rappers are broke , they lease their cars.Why you taking me name?”

Watch the full interview below: