Quavo References His Elevator Fight With Saweetie in “Messy” Video

In the video for “Messy” featuring Takeoff, Quavo referenced his infamous elevator fight with ex-girlfriend Saweetie.

Towards the end of the music video, around the 2:45 mark, Quavo is seen on a surveillance camera sitting in the corner of an elevator. Quavo continues the act by picking up an orange “Call of Duty” case and waving it at the camera. This is the reenactment of the famous elevator fight with his ex-girlfriend, Saweetie.

Back in 2020, TMZ obtained a video of security footage that showed Quavo and Saweetie getting into a physical fight in an elevator. In the surveillance video, both sides can be seen fighting. During their altercation over an orange “Call of Duty” case, Quavo shoved Saweetie to the ground. The 31-year-old rapper eventually placed the case so that the elevator door could not close until Saweetie managed to get up from the floor.

In addition to the visual references, Quavo also used his lyrics to take jabs at Saweetie;

“I said, “Caresha, please” ’cause she too messy/ B*tch f*cked my dog behind my back, but I ain’t stressing / You wanted the gang, you should’ve just said it, we would’ve blessed it.”

“Caresha Please” is a podcast produced by Young Miami, and Saweetie spoke on one of the episodes about her heartbreak over Quavo’s breakup.

Some media outlets alleged that Saweetie cheated on Queavo with Offset, causing the group to split up, while others said that Lil Baby was involved in the infidelity rumors, however, none of the claims have been proven.

Watch the music video below