21 Savage says he might be Greatest Rapper to come out of U.K.

Drake and 21 Savage are promoting their highly anticipated joint album ‘Her Loss’ in a different manner. First, the duo had a fake issue with Vogue Magazine and then they shared a clip of their Tiny Desk Performance which was confirmed by the official Tiny Desk official account to be fake. Now both of the Rap stars have shared snippets of a fake appearance on the Howard Stern Show with the host himself.

In one of the clips released from the interaction with Howard Stern, 21 Savage discussed his ties to the U.K. where he was born, and called himself the Greatest Rapper to come out of the country :

I relate to a lot of cultures because of that..cause i’m born in London but all my family migrate from West Indies and sh-t. I’m down to like gumbo when it comes to culture. I might be the greatest Rapper from my country too though”.

Drizzy said in agreement pitching an idea for the homecoming event as well”A lot of people say that right..a lot of people are like you are pride of London. That London ..that 02 night that has to happen. That’s gonna be some different..that’s like some real homecoming shit. I’m excited for that

Back in 2019, 21 Savage was revealed to be a U.K. born and was arrested by ICE for being unlawfully present in U.S. Atlanta-based Rapper later clarified in a statement via his reps that he immigrated to the United States when he was 7 years old, departed in 2005 to visit the United Kingdom, and returned later that month. 21 claims his legal status expired in 2006 “through no fault of his own” and applied for a visa in 2017 once he discovered that he required one.  21 Savage’s lawyers have stated he was legally residing in the U.S. for several years prior to the 2005 H-4 visa.