Everyone Drake Dissed On “Her Loss” & Their Responses

Drake and 21 Savage dropped the joint album “Her Loss” on Friday (November 4) and everyone has been talking about it ever since.

Fans rushed to Twitter immediately after the album’s release to point out the numerous punches and subliminal messages in Drizzy’s lyrics. The Canadian rapper made several digs at fellow artists. Drake didn’t hold back with his lines, starting from accusing Megan thee Stallion of lying about her shooting accident to calling Kanye West his “opp.”

Here are all the names Drizzy mentioned in “Her Loss,” as well as the responses.

Megan Thee Stallion

Drake’s lines about Megan Thee Stallion in “Circo Loco” caused the most controversy from the album.

With lines, “This b—h lie ’bout gettin’ shots, but she still a stallion/ She don’t even get the joke, but she still smilin'” Drizzy implied that Megan lied about her 2020 gunshot charges against fellow rapper Tory Lanez. While Lil Yachty insists the Lyrics aren’t about her, Megan Thee Stallion commented on it on Twitter.

“Stop using my shooting for clout,”  She wrote. “Since when is it cool to joke abt women getting shot ! You ARE LAME! Ready to boycott bout shoes and clothes but dog pile on a black woman when she says one of y’all homeboys abused her.”

Megan followed up with two more tweets, writing:

“And when the facts come out remember all y’all favorite rappers that stood behind a man that SHOT A FEMALE”
“People attack me y’all go up for it, I defend myself now I’m doing too much … every time it never ends and this did NOT happen until I came out and said I got shot … y’all don’t mess with me.” 

Lil Yachty, who contributed to numerous songs on “Her Loss” and has writing credits on “Circo Loco,” addressed the controversial lyrics on Instagram Live, claiming it was not a reference to Megan.

“I know he is not going to address it because I know Drake,” he said. “It is not about Megan, it is about women lying about their butt shots saying it is real when it is fake.”

Megan’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, also had something to say about Drizzy’s lyrics. “Despite the irrefutable evidence that Megan was a victim of gun violence, the ignorant continue to support her attacker.”

Kanye West

Megan Thee Stallion was not the sole target of “Circo Loco.” In the same song, Drake took shots at Kanye West. “Linking with the opps, b-h, I did that s-t for J Prince/ B-h, I did it for the m-b ties”

The line was a reference to Larry Hoover’s 2021 benefit concert, where he and Kanye finally reconciled and performed together for the first time since 2016. During the live performance, Drizzy referred to the Chicago rapper as his “idol.” However, the Certified Lover Boy now claims that the only reason he agreed to the reunion was that J. Prince asked him to settle his beef with the Donda Creator.

Kanye responded to Drizzy with a passive-aggressive tweet.

“Enough already. I done gave this man his flowers multiple times,” he wrote. “Let’s really see who real ops are in this music game. Imagine all the rappers on the same side and everyone cleaning up each other’s contracts. It’s kingdom time. Love Drake.” signing off with the “Lovespeech” hashtag.

Ice Spice

In the song “BackOutsideBoyz” Drake raps “She a ten tryna rap, it’s good on mute, yeah (It’s good on mute, shh)”

Some fans believe the lyric was directed at Ice Spice, a young rapper who met Drake early this year. According to the the22-year-old rapper, Drizzy co-signed her viral song “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and invited her to the 2022 OVO Festival. However, immediately after the two met Drake unfollowed Ice Spice on social media, leaving people to question if the encounter ended poorly.

Ice Spice responded to the diss with sarcasm. “At least ima 10,” she tweeted.


Drizzy threw jabs at DRAM in the track “BackOutsideBoyz.” The two have been feuding since 2015, when Drake released his hit single “Hotline Bling.” DRAM claimed the song was a ripoff of his single “Cha Cha,” which was addressed in Drake’s lyrics- “Tried to bring the drama to me, he ain’t know how we cha-cha slide (Yeah)”

DRAM shared a video on Twitter on Friday, clapping back at Drizzy.

“Somebody tell Drake to shut up about that s-t man,”  he said. “F-ing five years ago, this n-a never even touched me. I pressed his a—! I ain’t gonna hold you, his bodyguards went to town on the kid. But his bodyguards did. He ain’t touch me, he’s a b-h. You know that.”
“You want to have your guards. That’s cool though. He ain’t touch me, though. And that s-t from five years ago, come on, n-a. Why are you bringing that up? Why don’t you talk about how you got smacked by Diddy or some s-t?”

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian

Drake takes aim at Reddit co-founder and Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian in “Middle of the Ocean.” Ohanian and the tennis star began dating in 2015, around the time Drake and Serena Williams were thought to be romantically involved, although the rumors were never confirmed.

“Sidebar, Serena, your husband a groupie/ He claim we don’t got a problem but/ No, boo, it is like you comin’ for sushi/ We might pop up on ’em at will like Suzuki.”

In his lyrics, Drake refers to Ohanian as a “groupie,” someone who seeks to gain fame by having relationships with celebrities.

Alexis responded to Drizzy on Twitter.

“The reason I stay winning is I am relentless about being the absolute best at whatever I do — including being the best groupie for my wife & daughter.”

You can stream “Her Loss” below: