21 Savage Claims He Encouraged Drake to Rap Without Filter on “Her Loss”

Drake and 21 Savage released a collaborative album on Friday (November 4), and everyone has been talking about it since then.

Following Drizzy’s decision to go “Sico mode” and call out fellow artists in practically every song, the record created a significant amount of controversy. Drake dissed a number of people, including big names like Megan Thee Stallion, Kanye West, Ice Spice, and Serena Williams’ husband.

21 Savage addressed Dizzy’s heated lyrics on their joint album ‘Her Loss’, saying he encouraged the Canadian artist to rap without filter and voice his opinion.

In an interview with DJ Akademiks, 21 explained:

“You know I’m pointing it out. Like when he sends me the songs, I am pointing out what I heard. I am telling him like, ‘Yeah n-a, talk that s-t.’ You know I’m gassing him up. I am behind him. Whatever he standing on, I am standing on it too. Say what you feel!”

See the clip below:


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In the same interview, 21 Savage discussed Takeoff’s untimely death and his friendship with the late rapper.

“Takeoff was the type of [person] like, if I see Takeoff arguing with [someone], I know the other n-a wrong, like automatically,” he said. “He is just not confrontational, he’s like in his own world, he just wants to do what he does. He ain’t really like in the way, in the mix for real. He is just always in his own world. He’s really quiet for real unless he knows you. He’s funny as hell though, but if he knows you. I ain’t never seen him mad, had an attitude. I ain’t never seen him out of character. He’s always the exact same way every time I see him. He’s gonna smile, dap you up. Mind his business bro.”
21 added: “I feel like it was a freak accident, a thousand percent.  But I also feel like that s-t was eye-opening for them too [likely referring to Migos]… I don’t want to say he was a sacrifice, but more so like, a lot of people are gonna learn from this situation and realize a lot of s-t don’t be worth it. Not talking about the way he died, but just in life a lot of feuds and arguments really don’t be worth it.”

Check out the full clip below: