Snoop Dogg denies the claim of smoking 150 joints per day

Recently you might have noticed that one viral post states that Snoop Dogg’s professional joint roller has claimed that she rolls half a pound joint ( equals 75-150 blunt ) every day for the Long Beach vet.

The employee known as Renegade who has been hired since 2016  by Snoop, appeared on an Aussie podcast where she revealed that she has rolled up 450,000 joints for Doggfather to date.

Addressing the matter on his Instagram, Snoop who has a song called “Smoke Weed Every Day” said in a hilarious clip which is titled ‘Stop Lying“; “B—- said i smoked 450,000″ points out to a pile of nine blunt roaches “B—- this is all in a day’s work”.

Snoop continued “Stop lying how the f— am i gonna smoke all that weed in a day? What am i f—- machine? B—- this is the roaches see roaches”

Earlier this year Snoop linked up with another legendary Rapper Eminem on MTV Video Music Awards where the duo performed their latest collab. “From The D 2 LBC”, during their performance both were sitting in a couch with a fake giant joint. “Yo hold on , oh my god bro! how’d you get that in here?” asked sobered up Eminem during the intro of their performance to which Snoop replied “I Got connections”