Watch : Kanye West claims his mother was sacrificed

Kanye West starting to have rants every month has been caught once again by Paparazzi was posted on The ShadeRoom with a video clip last night where he made a surprising statement regarding his mother and name-dropped Beyonce, Jay-Z, Shaq, LeBron James, and more.

The hip-hop mogul Ye who lost his Billionaire status earlier this month told the paps “They can’t control me” then went on to name down fellow celebs who according to him are “controlled” …”They can control Shaq. They can control LeBron James They can control Jay-Z & Beyonce, but they can’t control me.”

West then made a much more shocking comment stating that “My mama ain’t here anymore. My mom was sacrifîced” adding another NBA legend Michael Jordan’s late father to the list also adding Bill Cosby’s son and Dr. Dre’s son. “In Hollywood lot of people come up missing. They wanna traumatize and monetize”. explained Ye.

(Kanye West rocking his late mother Donda West t-shirt)

Video clips end with Kanye saying “…and god love me.. Forbes who hate me right have to write my net worth is $400 Million. I never killed nobody that means i can say whatever i want and not go to jail”