King Von’s sister says NBA YoungBoy was hating on Von

In the second episode of the new investigative series called “Hip-Hop Homicides,” the focus was on Chicago drill artist King Von who was gunned down during an altercation in Atlanta.

Series host Van Lathan invited O-Block Rapper Von’s sister Kayla Benett (also known as Kayla B), 27, to talk about the life of King Von and his feuds. During the discussion, Van brought up one of King Von’s known enemies NBA YoungBoy asking her if she knew about their back and forth.


Kayla responded by saying “I know a lot” then the host told her “people say it was over a girl and the fact Rondo was signed to NBA YoungBoy” to which Kayla called NBA YoungBoy a hater, further stating “He’s a hater. He hate on everybody. So if it was because of female , he’s hater. Because maybe Von was taking on his females that he was dealing with”

We Tv’s Hip Hop Homicides executive produced by 50 Cent focused on New York Rapper Pop Smoke in its premiere episode and in the later episodes, the series is going to dedicate full episodes documenting other fallen Rappers like XXXTentacion , Soulja Slim, and more. It’s available to watch on Prime Video in selected countries and you can watch the full episode focusing on King Von below: