Fat Joe reveals losing $20 Million deal with Jordan Brand due to beef with 50 Cent

New York’s OG Fat Joe has released a new memoir titled “The Book Of Jose” which depicts the South Bronx Rapper’s rise from the rough and tumble streets of the Bronx to topping charts.

“Lean Back” hitmaker, Fat Joe has shed light on his infamous beef with the star Rapper 50 Cent which reached its height in 2005 during MTV Video Music Awards when Joe was presenting an award but right before announcing the winner he commented, “I want to tell the people home, i feel safe tonight with all these police protection courtesy of G-Unit“. It was a jab at 50 and his group calling them snitches indirectly.


In retaliation during G-Unit’s group performance, 50 started abusing and hurling insults at Fat Joe and his group Terror Squad (Watch above). Even though both of them have squashed their beef years later, in his memoir Fat Joe recalls the repercussions of the back and forth that happened on live tv.

The next few days Fat Joe had a meeting with Michael Jordan himself to further their sneaker collaboration “Fat Joe Jordan”. Michael Jordan and Joe met six times prior to the feud at MTV VMAs to go over the designs according to Joe himself.

“You know i love you Big Joe but you’re too hot right now. I wanted to do it but I’m not into all that Rap beef right now. With all this controversy we can’t do the sneaker right now” Michael Jordan told this to Fatjoe a couple of days after the VMAs fiasco, ending what could have been a whopping $20 Million deal.