Hit-Boy on 21 Savage’s calling Nas “Irrelevant” : “That’s Whack”

21 Savage is getting grilled both by fans and now from artists within the hip-hop community over his recent comments on Nas calling him “Irrelevant”. New York legend’s frequent collaborator in recent times Hit-Boy has now responded to the Atlanta-based star Rapper.

On his latest appearance on Power 106 LA , during a discussion about increasing crimes in the black community Hit-Boy brought up 21 Savage calling Nas Irrelevant saying that “How do you look at a black hip-hop artist, legendary guy who just won his first Grammy a couple of years ago, just put out four critically acclaimed albums. We don’t see these Rock guys being like “Aerosmith ..that n— ain’t relevant”.. we don’t see that..but we have to see that in hip-hop and that’s just whack” said the veteran producer who is executive producer of all three albums in Nas’ King’s Disease series.

Host Bryhnna also agreed with Hit-Boy’s valid point saying “I don’t understand why we have to tear each other down, especially within Black and brown community”

Right after 21’s comments about Nas went viral,  he cleared his statements on Twitter saying “I would never disrespect nas or any legend who paved the way for me y’all be tryna take stuff and run with it “. Nas is yet to address 21 Savage’s much-discussed comments about him but his brother Jungle has already mocked Savage for the comments.

Watch Hit-Boy’s interview below: