Joe Budden Goes Off On Saweetie For Quavo Diss, Tells Her to Address Offset Rumors

Saweetie and Quavo had one of the nastiest breakups in celebrity history. The pair have been involved in several scandals and appear to be having difficulty moving on. Quavo recently released a new song called “Messy,” in which he suggests Saweetie cheated on him with his close friend and bandmate Offset, who is currently dating Cardi B. Following the song’s release, Quavo dropped a music video in which he referenced the infamous elevator incident in which he and Saweetie got into a heated physical altercation.

The day after the release of the “Messy” music video, Takeoff, one-third of Migos and Quavo’s nephew, was killed in a shooting. Quavo was with Takeoff at the time of the deadly accident. Fans have been mourning the 28-year-old rapper since the tragedy shook the world. Following the funeral, Quavo made his first public statement on Takeoff’s passing.

Just a few days after Takeoff’s funeral, Saweetie released a new EP titled “The Single Life,” which drew a lot of criticism for one particular song in which the 29-year-old rapper appeared to diss Quavo. People on the internet were divided on whether it was appropriate to throw shade at Quavo during his time of grief. One internet personality, in particular, was most vocal about the situation.

In a new episode of his podcast, Joe Budden went off on Saweetie for dissing Quavo while refusing to address the rumor surrounding herself and Offset.

“Saweetie gotta shut the f-k up,” Joe said referring to the Quavo diss. “Come on, let’s just get to it. I do not get time to play today. Saweetie gotta shut the f-k up. That is my take. […] I am not listening to Saweetie until she answers the question everybody waiting for her to answer. Did you f-k Offset or not? That is it.”
“It is bad timing for whatever she was saying in that freestyle [meaning the song],” he continued. “It ain’t the time for your freestyle. […] It ain’t the time for none of that after they just lost their brother and nephew. Sorry Saweetie, push it back. You’ve been quiet, no need to come to shake the table now, and did you f-k the dude or not? If you’re gonna tell it, then tell it!”

Saweetie responded to Joe’s criticism on Twitter.

“Saweetie needs to STFU????? ok Joelisha,” she wrote.

Watch the video below: