Drake reveals his most listened artist of the year on Spotify

It’s that time of year again when you and your friends share your Spotify Wrapped cards all over your social media TL to show off your top artists and songs of the year.

One of the biggest artists Globally on Spotify’s Top Artists list, Drake has taken to his Instagram story to show off his Spotify Wrapp Card which shows the Canadian Superstars most listened artist in 2022.

It’s none other than the late iconic Rapper from Westcoast Tupac who is Drizzy’s most listened artist in 2022. Drake’s card also shows the specific stats on how much he has listened to Pac in 2022. It states “You spent 246 minutes together. You were in the Top 7% of 2pac’s listeners this year”

It’s not the first instance where the Biggest star in modern times Drake is showing love to arguably the most influential Rapper. Back in 2020, Drake dropped a whopping $600K in custom-made Tupac neckpieces, which reportedly took five weeks to complete.

In 2019 Drake did an interview with RapRadar Podcast where he revealed Tupac’s music continues to bump in one of his toilets.