Kanye West Releases New Song, Mentions “Deathcon” Tweet & More

Kanye West released new music via Instagram on Wednesday, December 7, addressing his marriage to ex-wife Kim Kardashian, anti-Semitism claims, and more. This is the first new material from Ye since he was accused of antisemitism after tweeting that he was going “Death con” on Jewish people and glorifying Hitler during his recent InfoWars interview.

The song includes references to the abovementioned tweet as well as other topics. As you are aware, Kanye has been a hot topic for quite some time. The rapper has been criticized from every angle, from the music industry to the fashion world.

The song opens with the lyrics “Someday we’ll all be free,” which also serves as the track’s title.

Kanye has been preaching about freedom of speech for years. Starting with declaring on national television, “Bush doesn’t care about black people,” to praising Hitler. The controversial musician has stated on several occasions that he feels attacked for speaking out about what he believes in, such as when he was ridiculed for wearing the MAGA hat.

“Waking up to ‘I can not do this anymore’ text,” Kanye raps in the song. “And the Bible says I can not have any more sex till marriage/ And no drip till Paris/ the meek shall flourish […] And everyone’s a Karen/ claiming that they care and/ Was not given a fair hand/ Getting calls from parents/ God calls for prayer rants.”

The Donda rapper also referenced his ex-relationships, claiming they left him for “headlines.”

“Who knew you before you knew who you was/ Wear a Donda tee ‘fore you respond to me/ Y’all know honestly, y’all all honor me/ I know ’cause the headlines why you wanna leave”

In the second verse, Ye mentions the “Deathcon” tweet.

“I ain’t never rocked with none of y’all, no way/ And I’m pulling up in that white OJ/ Used to wear a watch filled with the O’Sheas/ Jackson if you nasty/ Tweeted “death con,” now we past three/ Tweeted “death con,” now we past three”

The song is not available on streaming platforms. You can check it out HERE: