Styles P Tells 21 Savage “You’re not a Real Lyricist , Nas Is”

“New York based Hip-Hop collective The Lox’s member Styles P appeared on Math Hoffa’s podcast where he was in the middle of the discussion on 21 Savage calling Nas Irrelevant. The debate between the host’ members was going and suddenly Styles P erupted and lashed at 21 Savage :

“I like 21 Savage a LOT A LOT LOT , the s— he said tickles me pink. I can’t believe n— said that. My N— you’re not a lyricist..F– all that. Drake’s supposed to tell this n—, you’re talented you’re dope you’re fly, you’re important to the culture, your flavor means a lot to the culture. You ain’t one of them you ain’t a 3-point shooter from deep..Nas Is. Drake is supposed to say I am, Kendrick is, Cole is .. You’re Not! Leave him alone he’s our OG.”said Styles P while standing up and yelling.

Interestingly Styles P’s outburst comes after Nas and 21 Savage both collaborated on a song titled “One Mic, One Gun” following Savage’s comment. In the track 21 Raps “When you turn to legend, no such thing as relevance (21, 21)
They must’ve forgot that I’m a new rapper that got integrity (21, 21)
All in the media and blogs, that’s just a place I don’t care to be”.

Watch Styles P interview below: