Andrew Tate Roasts Eminem for Rapping about his daughter

Controversial Influencer and former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate has some harsh critique for recent Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee, Eminem and his music.

A Twitter user edited clips of Andrew with Eminem’s song “Sing For The Moment” in the background and shared it with him asking “Rate My Edit”.Andrew responded with “Dont like eminem. Hes a Crybaby.HAYLEY HAYLEY HAYLEY bro its been like 30 years shut up?”

Andrew’s response was met with lot of replies from people who are fan of both Eminem and Tate. One such fan responded to Andrew with urging both fanbases to not involve in Twitter fight

“Can we all (eminem stans and top g fans) not fight? I mean come on we don’t hear everything from the same ears. Y’all are not bound have same interests as someone else. Im a top g fan and I love eminem too. This doesn’t mean I’ll start hating one and following the other.”

Another fan said “That’s kinda mad bro. I support you and Eminem but how you gonna diss a man who had a life hard than you. Grew up in a trailer. Didnt have a Dad to make him the top G.Grew up on streets .his only ambition was to become the greatest rapper alive and he managed to do it”

Another user who claimed to be a fan of Eminem agreed with Andrew Tate and said “I am fan of Eminem and he is right… that was cool till 2004-2005, then almost 2 decades went by and he still raps about kim, hailie and stuf… Only album worth since 2006 was Kamikaze 2018. All the rest is s—, sadly.”

Check out Andrew’s Tweet and the responses below: