SZA Talks About Her Past Romance With Drake: “He’s The King”

SZA acknowledged her relationship with Drake in a recent interview, more than a year after the Canadian rapper suggested it in a feature with 21 Savage, “Mr. Right Now.”

“Yeah, said she wanna f—k to some SZA, wait/ Because I used to date SZA back in ’08,” Drizzy rapped in the song.

For the first time since the song came out, SZA shares her reaction to hearing the lyrics. She also mentioned the recent SNL sketch called “Drake PSA” which shows a group of women who dated the Certified Lover Boy offering compensation to each other. SZA’s name was also mentioned in the sketch, which aired on the same episode in which she appeared as a musical guest.

“In a strange way, I was like ‘did they know?’ but they didn’t ask me to be in it and then I was like, nobody said anything,” she said. “I feel like Drake has a Regina George quality to him where it is just kind of like, ‘Have you or anyone you know been personally victimized?’ He is popular, He is like a cool kid. You know, when you are the popular kid in school, it’s like, entertaining. It is entertaining, but you sometimes are taking losses in the midst of that entertainment. The honesty, I respect that. But I definitely laughed really hard and I was so confused… But yeah, that was funny, I cackled.”
The R&B superstar continued: “We are cool, we have always been cool. It has never been weird. It has never come completely out of the blue… Anytime he’s ever mentioned me it’s always been positive, he’s never said anything negative about me and I’m grateful for that. I think highly of him, and I think it’s really weird that as all these years went past, I am an artist now and I wasn’t then and you know, he’s King Drake.”

SZA also discussed her most recent album, SOS, which has everyone buzzing. The 33-year-old musician’s sophomore album is predicted to sell 300,000 copies in its first week.

“I like the intro a lot cause it’s a different side of me for sure that people haven’t heard,” SZA said when asked about her favorite track off the album. “I like ‘Nobody Gets me’ because it’s a really emotional song that like, again, nobody has really heard that balance pop energy country from me. There’s a song where I’m just straight rapping, that’s cool.”
You can stream the album below: