Megan Thee Stallion breaks down during her testimony, “I wish he had killed me”

Megan thee Stallion took the stand on the second day of Tory Lanez’s trial to give her testimony to the judge. The 27-year-old artist was asked to detail the alleged gunshot incident as well as her experiences during and after the attack.

According to People Magazine, Megan became overwhelmed and couldn’t hold back her tears as she described the horrific event and discussed what it was like to be in the public eye following the incident.

“I am having a really difficult time sitting up here telling my story and having to sit across people who have made up lies about me and having to sit across from Tory… I do not want to give them the power that they have taken from me for the last three years.”

Megan was asked to recall the precise time the shooting began. According to the “WAP” rapper, Tory shot at her, and while she doesn’t recall how many rounds were fired in total, she claims, “it feels like it went on forever.”

“I’ve never been shot at before in my life… He said, ‘Dance b—h,’ and I turned to him and saw him shoot.”

Megan then described how police came to the scene and handcuffed Tory: “Nobody cared I was bleeding. Felt like I did not matter… Nobody cares what is happening to me right now.”

According to People Magazine, it was the point at which she began to cry.

The Texas rapper went on to detail her experience following the altercation with Tory Lanez. The most challenging component of the circumstance, according to Megan, was being in the public eye when the news broke. Stallion claimed that no one in the music industry believed her story, and she is still, to this day, branded a liar by many people.

“Every man in a position of power in the music industry has taken his side,” she said. “Not a day goes by without being called a liar… This whole thing is about who I was having s— with, not who shot me, and I do not know why.”

Megan also stated that she was reluctant to admit what had happened to her, pointing out that it was an important time in her life since she had done a feature with Beyonce and didn’t want her accomplishments to be overshadowed by this awful experience.

“I just did a song with Beyoncé, and now she knows I got shot,” she said. “I did not want to say anything. I just did something I have always wanted, and now it will be overshadowed…. This situation has been worse for me while he is more popular. I have turned into some kind of villain while he is a hero…  Look at how everybody wants to view me…. How could I share my body with someone who would shoot me… Now every week there is an article calling me a ‘h—.’ ” 

During her testimony, Megan got increasingly emotional. At one point, the 27-year-old artist said loudly, “I wish he had just shot and killed me if I had to go through this torture.”

The trial began on Monday, December 13th, after the lawyers presented their opening statements.