Lil Durk suggests being part in Young Thug’s RICO Case in new song

OTF leader and one of the biggest Rappers out of Chicago right now Lil Durk released his label compilation album earlier this Friday titled “Loyal Bros 2”. On the track which is a collaboration between Atlanta hitmaker Future, Durk has said something which has raised many eyebrows.

In his verse, Durk raps “I could’ve been part of that RICO, I called Thug and told him every n— I shot (Slime)” referring to Young Thug and 26 other YSL members arrested in RICO Charges earlier this year. Durk is also showing his close relationship with Thugger. Later in the same verse, he raps “I’m too trench, you can claim that body, I’m never admittin’ to slidin”

Meanwhile in the same song earlier Atlanta star Future also mentions the RICO case saying “It ain’t no RICO case gon’ stop another body from droppin”

Fans on Twitter have reacted to Durk Rapping about being part of RICO case, one asking why he’s snitching on himself while other saying Durk is just joking. Check out below: